Rehabilitation is defined in Webster's
"To restore to good repute"
"To restore to a state of efficiency"
for transformation, a poor substitute.
Reformation is "the act of reforming"
"the state of being reformed"
Reform is an “amendment of what is defective"
 as a man before he's reborn.
Transformation is "an act… of transforming"
 "To change in… structure…(and) form"
 "Transforming into a higher element or thing"
 unlike rehabilitation or reform.
Not "to restore to a former capacity"
or a “correction of an abuse"
 but a transformed life in Jesus Christ,
one of new meaning, purpose, and use.
Therefore, if any man be born again
he's a new creature through and through,
the Bible says "old things are passed away"  
(transformed) "behold, all things become new."


DP Mosteller